A deep space utility ship's sole occupant realizes things aren't what they seem when a simple system relaunch could very well mean her death.


A panoramic tour of The Shire based on writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. This comic is not affiliated with The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or the Tolkien estate.


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Production Blog

Part of what we do here at COMIC BOOK THINK TANK is try and "lift the curtain" and show what goes into the making of the comics we create. Visit our production blog for a behind the scenes look at the creative process.

Union Combine

In addition to their work here on COMIC BOOK THINK TANK, Ron and Dan are also busy working on free eBooks at UNION COMBINE. Check it out!
Comic Book Think Tank is the creative playground of Ron Perazza and Daniel Govar – comic book professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of creative and technical areas. It’s a place where we can explore what comics are (or can be) and where we can share the results of those experiments with any and all who are interested. Enjoy!